Frya’s Standskrift (font)


Free downloadable Yule-based Oera Linda font: Frya’s Standskrift



Free downloadable Yule*-based Oera Linda font: Frya’s Standskrift (including Godfreyath’s counting numbers), in either TTF or OTF format**.

To install after download, simply double click the file and agree to installation. You can then select the font in for example text or image editing application.

* Yule is the name of the 6-spoke wheel in Codex Oera Linda, see chapter 6.

** From web: “TTF (True Type Font) is a better choice when you will use it mainly for web design or mobile design on desktop or mobile displays. Or if you work with PowerPoint 2007 (or older) on Windows machine. OTF (Open Type Font) is a better choice when you’re designing materials for print.”

This font was created by a Danish volunteer. The background color used for the product image has the hexadecimal value BCA883.

The font is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, version 1.1


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