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Publisher’s notes

… to the 4th (“revised”) edition of Codex Oera Linda — The Oera Linda Foundation was founded by Jan Ott on 14 December 2020, with the purpose of promoting research on, translations of, and publications about the manuscript known as the Oera Linda Book (OLB). The OLB begins with a letter of instruction written in

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Language too modern?

The origins are unknown for many words in our modern languages. Socrates, for example, speculated about etymology as far back as the fifth century BCE in Plato’s “Cratylus”, passages 409c to 410a (translation Fowler 1921): Hermogenes: “And what of πῦρ (fire) […]?”Socrates: “Πῦρ is too much for me. It must be that either the muse

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haverschmidt leiden

Implausible hoax doctrine

A scholarly work published about the origins of the Oera Linda Book was a dissertation by Goffe Jensma.1 It presents a theory in which a triumvirate, backed by several co-conspirators, produced the manuscript in order to initially fool their intended audience and eventually — once their victims saw through the prank — make a theological

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